May 092011

Something that seems to have become an endangered  species in Public Relations photography is booking two jobs in a day. According to the diary it looked like being fairly straightforward with one booking to shoot “behind the scenes” images of the sponsored Premier League Darts at Sheffield Motorpoint Arena for Sky Preview Magazine, a publication aimed at licensees who use Sky sporting broadcasts to help bring in customers. Suddenly the day before the Darts my phone rings and a second clients needs a job shooting the same day as Skys at this point Murphy’s law will generally kick in dictating that either

  1. The two jobs are at the same time and on the same day.
  2. The two jobs are the same day, aren’t at the same time  but they do overlap
  3. The two jobs are the same day, don’t overlap but the distance between locations makes photographing them both impossible.

It looked like number three would kick in. The second job was in Cleethorpes on the east coast, photographing the interior layout of Halletts Lifestyle convenience store and some of their staff who had just won a national award as Blakemore Wholesale/ Lifestyle Retailer of the Year 2010/11. The job was urgent, a plus for me as it meant the client was happy with a morning shoot and booking number two had just become booking number one.  I had, for once, given Murphy the slip and had two jobs on the diary.

By 09:45 I had driven the 75 miles to Cleethorpes and was already shooting. By 15:05 I had made it back to the office edited, processed, captioned and distributed the digital files to the client. With just enough time to produce an invoice and grab something to eat it was then off to the Premier League Darts.

One of the countless things I love about being a full time professional News & PR photographer is the variety. Going from shooting  the aisles of traditional a seaside corner shop, even if it is the best in the country, to the showmanship and razzmatazz of  televised Premier League Darts is nothing if not varied.

The Double Page Spread in the Sky Preview Magazine


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