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Welcome to my blog. It may seem strangely named but `tog is actually an abbreviation of photographer which occasionally gets bandied about in newsrooms up and down the country, while “owd” is the Yorkshire pronunciation of “old”. Not that I feel old but I was stuck for a title and “An owd ‘togs blog” just seemed to have a nice ring to it. So there you go….

Dec 202023
At the beginning of December I was commissioned by the Sunday Mirror to travel down to Birmingham and photograph Steve Johnson, grandfather of Jack Johnson. Jack tragically drowned along with 3 of his pals playing on an ice covered pond near his home in Solihull .
The images below are a mixture of posed and candid shots taken during the interview by journalist Matthew Dresch which took place days before the first anniversary of the tragedy. The full story can be found here:

Posted 20 December

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Jan 112023

Two more images of the floodlit Church at Ecclesfield. Referred to in the the Doomsday Book as Egglesfeld or ‘church in a field’ it is believed that a church or place of worship stood on the site for many years before the Norman Conquest of 1066. Known as the ‘Minster of the Moors’ the parish boundaries were first marked out during the Anglo Saxon period and Ecclesfield was the mother church of West Riding moorland parish covering around 50,000 acres from Bradfield to the county boundaries. As late as the 1840’s St Marys was still the parish church for Wadsley, Grenoside, High Green, Chapeltown, Shiregreen, Wincobank, Southey and Parson Cross. St Marys Church Ecclesfield is a Grade I listed building and traces of the Norman church can be found in the interior of the present building.

Technical Photo Info
Camera Fuji X-Pro2
Upright XF27mm Lens Landscape XF18mm Lens
Both images f2.8 1/60 sec 6400ISO

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Mar 012022

Sheffield Town Hall Sunday 27th February. Stand with Ukraine Sheffield group held a rally of support for Ukraine and its people, and a protest of condemnation of Putin’s invasion of the country.
After and elderly Ukrainian woman reported told a Russian soldier
‘You should put sunflower seeds in your pockets so that they will grow on Ukrainian land after you die.’
Supporters of Ukraine carried Sunflowers alongside their placards some of which called for an end to the war others repeated the reported reply from Ukrainian border guards who died defending Zmiinyi Island after being called upon to surrender by a Russian warship.

Covering Monday the 28th Solidarity with Ukraine Sheffield Rally was a little more of a challenge what with it being Illuminated by the street lamps and held in a fairly constant drizzle. At Six pm on a rainy Monday evening evening the people of Sheffield turned out for the second time in two days to show support for the Ukrainian people and to protest against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. A variety of speakers addressed the rally from the steps of Sheffield Old Town Hall including a number Ukrainian people who told of their personal struggles to maintain contact with their families as well thank people for the support and urge the people of Sheffield and the world to maintain their show support.

Oct 062021

This weeks news photographs of the army being brought in to help out with the shortage of fuel tanker drivers reminded me of these old photos I shot during the Firefighters dispute in January of 2003. The Army, still using some Green Goddesses, were brought in to provide cover.
At the time I was working with the Barnsley Chronicle. The Chronicles staff photographer had been turned away at the gates but I happened to have a very good relationship with the local Territorial Army unit and managed to talk my way in. A chat with the regular Army who had been assigned to use the Barnsley TA Centre as a base to operate from got me a few posed training pictures and as a thank you I shot a couple of group photos. The largest of the two is
Alma Company 1st Battalion Duke of Wellingtons Regiment (West Riding)
It’s one of the largest and probably the easiest groups shot I have ever taken. A brief explanation of what I wanted and needed resulted the appearance of giant set of step ladders while the NCOs sorted everyone into position. A fantastic piece of organisation.

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Apr 012021

April 01 2021 Sheffield Scrap Yard Fire:
Fire fighters and police at a scrap metal fire on Carlisle Street in Sheffield. Large plumes of smoke caused by a blaze near Burngreave caused South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to advise local people to keep their doors and windows closed while South Yorkshire Police put diversions in place try and keep traffic moving in the area.

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Jan 252021

Sheffield Arena becomes COVID-19 Vaccination Centre. The Venue has been transformed into Sheffield’s newest NHS vaccination centre opening for business at 10:00AM on Monday 25th of January.
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals trust will run the centre and it is set to be open 7 days a week.

25 January 2021
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Jan 202021

Meadowhall flood defences are in place closing Meadowhall Drive. Beyond the flood defences the COVID-19 testing Centre was also closed as authorities keep a close eye on the swollen River Don around Sheffield Meadowhall shopping centre. Amber flood alerts remain in place across South Yorkshire amid fears that rain brought by Storm Christoph will cause extensive flooding, due to a combination of heavy rain fall and already saturated ground.

Jan 142021

Thursday 14 January 2020: Sheffield: There was traffic chaos on the A616 Stocksbridge By-Pass as snow fell across much of the country despite the best efforts of snow ploughs and gritters. I counted four snow ploughs as I made my way past a number of cars, lorries vans and a number of people on foot that were having difficulty negotiating the slippy conditions around lunchtime.

Caption: Heavy snow forecast for most of the day causing traffic chaos on the A 616 Stocksbridge By-Pass around lunchtime today

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Oct 272020

As Sheffield Enters Tier 3 of Covid-19 restrictions. I’ve read news reports that the Government are looking at options for a ‘Tier 4’ to add to the current Covid 19 restrictions should the current Tier Three restrictions not curb coronavirus cases. Here are a few images shot in Sheffield on Saturday 24th October, the first morning that Sheffield Enters Tier 3,. For those who know sheffield the images show
1. Top of Fargate,
2. & 3. looking down The Moor,
4. Charter Row all in Sheffield City centre.

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Emley Moor Transmitter Mast

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Oct 232020