Oct 062021

This weeks news photographs of the army being brought in to help out with the shortage of fuel tanker drivers reminded me of these old photos I shot during the Firefighters dispute in January of 2003. The Army, still using some Green Goddesses, were brought in to provide cover.
At the time I was working with the Barnsley Chronicle. The Chronicles staff photographer had been turned away at the gates but I happened to have a very good relationship with the local Territorial Army unit and managed to talk my way in. A chat with the regular Army who had been assigned to use the Barnsley TA Centre as a base to operate from got me a few posed training pictures and as a thank you I shot a couple of group photos. The largest of the two is
Alma Company 1st Battalion Duke of Wellingtons Regiment (West Riding)
It’s one of the largest and probably the easiest groups shot I have ever taken. A brief explanation of what I wanted and needed resulted the appearance of giant set of step ladders while the NCOs sorted everyone into position. A fantastic piece of organisation.

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