Dec 242010

A Christmas Eve walk with my partner and our dog Wallace.

Quite an odd collection of images thanks to the weather, some look like they were shot at  Christmas with snow and everything while others look they may well have been shot in autumn, it  Just goes to show the camera can lie but all the images were taken today the 24th December 2010 although I must confess that  to the last two images were not actually taken while out on the walk, they are close up shots of our Christmas tree.

Oct 202010

The  leaves of a Sycamore tree turn autumnal red and gold in Ecclesfield Park  20th October 2010

Leaves of a Sycamore tree turn autumnal red and gold against the background of the trees trunk, branches and clear blue sky .20th October 2010 .Images © Paul David Drabble

Photographers Technical info

  • Camera Nikon D700
  • Lens Nikon F2.8/80-200mm (set at 85mm)
  • ISO 400
  • Apperture F5.6
  • Shutter 1/1000