Jun 302011

Members of show their support for the public sector unions by occupying Dorothy Perkins, The Vodafone Shop and Barclay’s bank on June 30 in a good natured peaceful protest.

As the rally is about to begin at Barkers Pool a local man, with coffee in hand, decides to hold a one man anti June 30 protest.  After making his feelings known to the crowd and arguing with a number of people he was lead peacefully away from the rally by members of the South Yorkshire Police Liaison Team.

Some of the Key Speakers at the June 30 Protest in Barkers Pool Sheffield (below)

June 30 March and Rally Images (below)

Mar 122011

Images from day two of the demo outside the Liberal Democrat Party Conference in Sheffield. The slide show includes photographs of Patrick Streeter, a Liberal Democrat Party Conference delegate, who decided to gatecrash the beginning of the demo at Devonshire Green. He tried to address the protesters but was escorted away from any potential confrontation by South Yorkshire Police Liaison Officers, at the request of the demo organisers. He was however followed by a sizeable press contingent who were already covering the invited speakers and start of the Demo.

The Liberal Democrat Party Conference came to a close on Sunday within the so called “Ring of Steel. Despite fears of potential trouble the weekend passed of relatively peacefully with only around 5000 demonstrators on the Saturday while on Friday an smaller demo of only around 800 people materialised. One of the final tweets on sunday from South Yorkshire Police read

“syptweet SouthYorkshirePolice
#libdemconf closed. No signs of protest this morning. 1 arrest made throughout. Thank you to all those who kept it peaceful #libdempolicing”

Sheffield District Commander, Chief Superintendent Simon Torr said there had been around 5,000, largely peaceful, protesters in the city centre On Saturday with only one arrest for public disorder.