Jan 112023

Two more images of the floodlit Church at Ecclesfield. Referred to in the the Doomsday Book as Egglesfeld or ‘church in a field’ it is believed that a church or place of worship stood on the site for many years before the Norman Conquest of 1066. Known as the ‘Minster of the Moors’ the parish boundaries were first marked out during the Anglo Saxon period and Ecclesfield was the mother church of West Riding moorland parish covering around 50,000 acres from Bradfield to the county boundaries. As late as the 1840’s St Marys was still the parish church for Wadsley, Grenoside, High Green, Chapeltown, Shiregreen, Wincobank, Southey and Parson Cross. St Marys Church Ecclesfield is a Grade I listed building and traces of the Norman church can be found in the interior of the present building.

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Camera Fuji X-Pro2
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Oct 062021

This weeks news photographs of the army being brought in to help out with the shortage of fuel tanker drivers reminded me of these old photos I shot during the Firefighters dispute in January of 2003. The Army, still using some Green Goddesses, were brought in to provide cover.
At the time I was working with the Barnsley Chronicle. The Chronicles staff photographer had been turned away at the gates but I happened to have a very good relationship with the local Territorial Army unit and managed to talk my way in. A chat with the regular Army who had been assigned to use the Barnsley TA Centre as a base to operate from got me a few posed training pictures and as a thank you I shot a couple of group photos. The largest of the two is
Alma Company 1st Battalion Duke of Wellingtons Regiment (West Riding)
It’s one of the largest and probably the easiest groups shot I have ever taken. A brief explanation of what I wanted and needed resulted the appearance of giant set of step ladders while the NCOs sorted everyone into position. A fantastic piece of organisation.

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Apr 012021

April 01 2021 Sheffield Scrap Yard Fire:
Fire fighters and police at a scrap metal fire on Carlisle Street in Sheffield. Large plumes of smoke caused by a blaze near Burngreave caused South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to advise local people to keep their doors and windows closed while South Yorkshire Police put diversions in place try and keep traffic moving in the area.

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Jan 252021

Sheffield Arena becomes COVID-19 Vaccination Centre. The Venue has been transformed into Sheffield’s newest NHS vaccination centre opening for business at 10:00AM on Monday 25th of January.
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals trust will run the centre and it is set to be open 7 days a week.

25 January 2021

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Emley Moor Transmitter Mast

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Oct 232020
Jun 062020

Black Lives Matter protest and march in the name of George Floyd, whose death has sparked protests through the USA, and across the word, with demonstrators desperately calling for an end to police violence, was held on Devonshire Green in Sheffield on Saturday 6th June 2020 where at times Social distancing became impossible despite the best efforts of Event organisers.

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May 202020

Covid Social Distancing and as the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions are eased in England, the sky around Mam Tor in the Peak National Park fills with Paragliders. Probably the ultimate Social Distancing leisure pursuit

Apr 212020

Signs of the Coronavirus Pandemic is a collection of images showing signs posters and notices which appeared publicly and are directly related to the Coronavirus COVID19 Pandemic in the UK 2020

Apr 112020

Easter weekend and the Peak District National Park effectively closed down during the Coronavirus Pandemic as people listen to government advice and Stay home over the Easter Weekend. The A57 one of the the main roads linking Manchester and Sheffield with no traffic, Road Closure leading to Derwent Dams, Popular waking hotspot Mam Tor deserted and Castleton in Lockdown.

Mar 262020

26 March 2020 – Endncliffe Park Sheffield. Third day of the emergency measures which were announced by Prime minister Boris Johnson on Monday evening (24th march).
A group of young men use the parks outdoor gym equipment despite it being clearly marked off as out of bounds